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Commercial self-defense education is part of the martial arts industry in the wider sense, and many martial arts instructors also give self-defense classes.

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The art of self-defense for the streets is one of ultimate survival.

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But self-defense is actually about using your smarts — not your fists.Women are especially vulnerable in situations such as a mugging or attempted assaults.

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Martial arts and many self-defense disciplines teach the importance of respecting differences, honoring your elders and showing respect and tolerance of others.

In Sport or Self Defense, Jiu Jitsu Classes will give you great confidence and physical stamina.

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Learn the skills of assertiveness, awareness and combat training while building your self-confidence and self.

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Training with peers, these classes are physical, challenging and compel students to step forward.Class includes instruction on situational awareness, boundary setting, safety tips for everyday life, and physical self defense instruction.Research shows that women who successfully defended themselves quickly recognized threatening situations and enforced their boundaries, if necessary by physical means.

Self-defense classes give you an opportunity to gather with peers, meet new people and develop new friendships.Here is how to choose a program that is empowering, safe, and effective.

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Our curriculum and methodology is focused on tactics and techniques that are practical, efficient and easy to learn.The right kind of self-defense training can increase the safety and confidence of kids and adults alike.

In reality, classes will teach you methods of precision and control to predict an attacker’s moves and avoid being hit.Self Defense Classes in Spokane, Washington Seasoned Firearms Instructor is now holding tactical Self Defense Classes in Spokane Washington Self Defense Company Instructor Joel Reese is now holding classes in self defense.Most front and back protection area Highest level of protection available Converts to a ballistic vest in just a second.Violence against women includes assault, robbery, abduction, and rape.

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Knowledge of self-defense can often mean the difference between life and death.Our mission is to empower women with effective, relevant training in the dynamics of assault, risk mitigation, and physical self-defense.

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Our team of instructors provide reality-based self-defense, martial arts and fitness training for all ages and experience levels.Best Self Defense Classes near you Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios Our Ultimate Kenpo system is a unique blend of Karate, Kung Fu and Jiujitsu, using the best from each martial arts style to provide an effective and efficient method of self defense that can be tailored to any age and body style.The Battle School platform for Self-Defense is a practical, easy to learn modern self defense system.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail, knowledge, and the success of each member.

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Our Self Defense classes and seminars designed to empower women, increase awareness, break myths and give you real tools to use at the moment of truth.